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Lehigh's Community and Regional Affairs effort is dedicated to the utilization of the University's resources - both human and capital - for the advancement of the larger community consistent with the University's interests and goals. We serve as the liaison between the diverse constituencies of Lehigh University and the city, community organizations, local government offices and citizen groups to understand and respond in a positive and proactive way to concerns and issues which may affect or involve the University.

Adrienne Washington


Adrienne J. Washington
Assistant Vice President, Community and Regional Affairs
125 Goodman Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-5834

Spring tree at Lehigh University

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Government Affairs
342 Whitaker Laboratory, 5 East Packer Avenue, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-5801

Community Service Office
Lehigh University Center, 29 Trembley Drive, Room B-001, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 758-6674 | Email

Office of Economic Engagement
27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015
(800) 523-0565


Leave the Lights On

Nearly 500 light bulbs were provided to the Student Senate by the LUPD and Fifth Street Capital Partners, to support the “Leave the Lights On” project that encourages homeowners and student renters to leave porch lights on for safety.