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Technical Notes

Customizing the Styles of the Lehigh Footer

If you have experience with CSS and are interested in changing the Lehigh footer styles to better match the design of your site, you can duplicate the CSS styles used in the footer's style sheet, add them to your site's local style sheet and change them. Note: It is necessary to add !important to your styles, so that they take priority over the institutional footer styles - otherwise your changes will not appear.

Example: The style for the link color in the footer is this:
#footercurrent A {text-decoration:none;color:#4e75bb}

To change the link color, add this style to your site's style sheet, then change the color code and add !important at the end:
#footercurrent A {text-decoration:none;color:#0C3 !important;}

To see a live example, view this page, where the blue links have been changed to green by adding styles in the local style sheet to override the default style. You can see the footer style that has been added to the bottom of the local style sheet.

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