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Creative Gallery

Our brand voice is the common thread binding all of Lehigh’s communications. It is evident in our writing, apparent in our marketing efforts and highly visible in our design. Take a few minutes to see how our brand comes to life.


In The Chronicle of Higher Education Lehigh’s not afraid to ask—and answer— the important questions facing society.


Letter from the President” article in Bulletin

“Letter from the President” article in Alumni Bulletin
To President Gast, collaboration and competition are not mutually exclusive. In fact, our campus culture thrives because of them.

Story of school principal from Winter Bulletin

Story of school principal from Winter Alumni Bulletin 2012-2013
Our alumni are most successful when they think unconventionally. More often than not, the leadership results in a change of perspective.



Holiday Card

Holiday Card
Every holiday, our campus community celebrates a spirit of discovery and the sense that good things are going to happen here in south Bethlehem. And they always do.

Founder's Day

Founder's Day
This is where you come for an experience that will forever change the way you live your life. After all, This is Lehigh!


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