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Ravi Chitturi

Department of Marketing: Associate Professor
  • National Institute of Technology, India, B.S. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, M.S. in Computer Science
  • The University of Texas at Austin, Executive M.B.A., Ph.D.
Ravi Chitturi joined the faculty of Marketing in the College of Business & Economics at Lehigh University in August 2003. He has published in premier scholarly journals such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Design, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management. In 2012 & 2014, Ravi’s research received prestigious Emerald Management Reviews Citations of Excellence awards. 2014 Citations of Excellence award recognized Ravi’s research article as one of the top-35 most impactful articles out of 200,000+ papers in the past 15 years across premier scholarly business journals such as Journal of Finance, SMJ and JM. Ravi’s research won best paper awards at the 2010 AMA Marketing & Public Policy Conference and 2008 Behavioral Pricing Conference. Ravi’s topics of research are Emotional Designs, Creativity, Customer Delight, Process of Innovation, and Brand Strategy.
Prior to joining Lehigh University Ravi worked for hi-tech firms such as Intel and IBM. Ravi was a team member of the Intel Microprocessor design team in Santa Clara, California; and the IBM PowerPC Microprocessor design team in Austin, Texas. He was a key member of the Brand Management task force involved in transforming IBM from an engineering driven company to a customer driven company. Most recently, he was Head of Engineering with over 100 engineers at a hi-tech startup in Dallas, Texas. 
He has conducted several executive coaching sessions and consulted with leading firms in hi-tech industries in Asia and USA on the topics of Breakthrough Creativity & Innovation, Product Design, Brand Management, and Customer Delight. Ravi has developed a new course titled, Creating Breakthrough Innovations for MBA students and Executives. He also teaches Strategic Brand Management and Design, Development, and Marketing of New Products.
Selected Publications and Working Papers
  • Ravindra Chitturi, Rajagopal Raghunathan and Vijay Mahajan (2007), “Form Versus Function: How the Intensities of Specific Emotions Evoked in Functional Versus Hedonic Tradeoffs Mediate Product Preferences,” Journal of Marketing Research, 44 (November), 702 - 714.
  • Ravindra Chitturi, Rajagopal Raghunathan and Vijay Mahajan (2008), “Delight by Design: The Role of Hedonic and Utilitarian Benefits,” Journal of Marketing, Vol. 72, (May), 48 - 63. Winner of the 2012 Citation of Excellence Award by Emerald Group Publishing. One of the top-50 most influential scholarly articles published across the disciplines of Management, Economics, and Business in the past 3 years ( Winner of the 2014 Citation of Excellence Award by Emerald Group Publishing. One of the top 35 most impactful scholarly articles out of more than 200,000 articles published in the past 15 years in scholarly journals such as Journal of Finance, Strategic Management Journal, American Economic Review, and applied journals such as Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, etc.
  • Ravindra Chitturi (2008), “Antecedents of Brand Strength: Perceived Hedonic and Utilitarian Brand Benefits,” Journal of Global Brand Management, Vol. 4, Num. 2, October 2008.
  • Franklin Carter and Ravindra Chitturi  (2009),  “Segmentation Based on Physician Behavior: Implications for Sales Forecasting and Marketing-Mix Strategy,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Volume 29, Number 1 (Winter 2009). 
  • K. Sivakumar, Cheryl Nakata, Praveen Aggarwal, Ravi Chitturi and Nevena Koukova (2009) “Role of Non-Price Variables in Inter-Tier Competition”, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Vol. 17, No. 4 (Fall 2009), pp.351-367.
  • Ravindra Chitturi (2009), “Emotions by Design: A Consumer Perspective,” International Journal of Design, 3(2), 7-17, August 2009. (Lead article – Rated an A+ level Journal in the field of Design).
  • Ravindra Chitturi, Pallavi Chitturi, and Raghavrao Damaraju (2009), “Design for Synergy with Brand or Price Information.” Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 27(7):679-697, (Fall 2009). Best Paper Award at the 2008 Behavioral Pricing Conference. 
  • Michael Luchs, Jacob Brower, and Ravindra Chitturi (2010), “Trading-off Sustainability: Choice Given a Trade-off between Sustainability and Functional Performance.” Best Paper Award at the Marketing and Public Policy Conference, Denver, Colorado, May 20-22, 2010.
  • Michael Luchs, Jacob Brower, and Ravindra Chitturi (2012), “Product Choice And The Importance Of Aesthetic Design Given The Emotion-Laden Trade-Off Between Sustainability And Functional Performance,” Journal of Product Innovation Management (Lead Article).
  • Ravindra Chitturi (Forthcoming), “Good Aesthetics is Great Business: Do We Know Why?” Invited for publication in a collection of articles from the “Psychology of Design” Conference at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Fall 2015.
  • Ravindra Chitturi (Forthcoming), “Design for Affect: The Principles of Functional and Hedonic Dominance,” GfK-Marketing Intelligence Review, Fall 2015.
Office Information
Office: 362 RBC
Phone: 610-758-5666
Fax: 610-758-6941
Courses Taught
  • Creating Breakthrough Innovations
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Design, Development, and Marketing of New Products
Developing Leaders for Global Impact

College of Business and Economics • Lehigh University • 621 Taylor Street Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA • 610 758-3400 • @LehighBusiness