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Ashley Ryan '14

Danielsville, PA
Major: Computer Science and Business
Advice to future Lehigh students: "Definitely look into the opportunities available to you such as studying abroad. My international experience is discussed more than anything else in my interviews!"
Why did you choose Lehigh?
Lehigh was always nearby since I am from the Lehigh Valley, but I loved the campus and am so glad I chose to go here.
What are your career aspirations?
I have a lot of possible career paths that would interest me, all involving the intersection between computer science and business that my major has prepared me for. I would eventually like to obtain an IT project management position.
What was your favorite Lehigh moment?
Although I don’t watch much basketball, I have to say it was extremely exciting when Lehigh beat Duke. The amount of energy and school pride that the entire campus had was unlike anything else I have experienced at Lehigh.
What was the highlight of your Lehigh experience?
I have had amazing opportunities to travel and study abroad at Lehigh. I would consider each international trip a highlight of my Lehigh experience. Thanks to Lehigh, and the CSB program, I have traveled to Zambia, Czech Republic, and Cambodia. I do not think I would have had such wonderful experiences at many other schools.
What is the most helpful experience as you plan your career?
My advisors and many of my professors have been so helpful in helping me think about planning my remaining time at Lehigh and thinking about my future career.
What is your favorite thing to do at Lehigh when you are not studying?
I’m often working when I’m not studying! I have a web development position on campus in which I create and maintain many of the websites for the College of Arts and Sciences. I am happy to have this job since I was always interested in web development since I was a lot younger, and this job has given me the opportunity to really explore it!
Developing Leaders for Global Impact

College of Business and Economics • Lehigh University • 621 Taylor Street Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA • 610 758-3400 • @LehighBusiness