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Sofia Barrionuevo '14

Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management
"My advice to future Lehigh students is to take classes you are really interested in! Take advantage of all the different classes Lehigh has to offer because after college, you might not get the opportunity to learn about graphic design, managing music careers or American horror films!"
Why did you choose Lehigh?
I knew I wanted to pursue a career in business and Lehigh was highly ranked for its business school. In addition, the campus is incredibly beautiful and solid athletics contribute to school spirit and some of my favorite traditions, such as the Lehigh-Lafayette football game!
What are your career aspirations?
I would love to be a brand manager at a consumer products company, however I also am interested in the fashion industry—it is a tough industry to break into, but I would love to do something related to marketing or supply chain for one of my favorite designers!
What was your favorite Lehigh moment?
When Lehigh beat Duke in the NCAA basketball tournament! The entire campus rallied on the front lawn afterwards to celebrate, I will never forget that night-- it was amazing!
What was the highlight of your Lehigh experience?
Being cast as Little Sally in the Dept. of Theatre’s production of Urinetown. It was the first time in over a decade since they had done musicals and back in high school I was in all the productions so it was great to be able to perform again! It was an amazing experience and we sold out every night!
What is the most helpful experience as you plan your career?
The career fair is a great place to network and meet professionals from various companies. The career fair was how I landed my summer internship at the end of my junior year. Lehigh’s Career Services also offers mock interviews, which have been a huge help in preparing for professional interviews!
What is your favorite thing to do at Lehigh when you are not studying?
Sit out on the front lawn when the weather is nice!
Developing Leaders for Global Impact

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