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Kimberly Weyand '15

Severna Park, MD
Major: Accounting
Minor: Applied Mathematics
"I am very proud to say that I am from Lehigh because Lehigh’s reputation as a rigorous and application-based program speaks for itself. Employers are impressed by a Lehigh education because they are well aware of what it takes to do well in such a program. I am also proud to be a part of a community of students, faculty, and alumni that collectively value education and support each other through the learning process."
How well do you think the Lehigh business curriculum prepared you for success in getting a job or internship?
The Lehigh business curriculum definitely prepared me for success in getting an internship. The curriculum includes a broad range of courses that work together to develop all of the necessary skills for success in the business world. The curriculum specifically stresses real world application of the concepts we learn in class, a facet of the program that gives Lehigh students a competitive edge over other students.
Have you found the curriculum to be flexible in allowing you to pursue diverse interests in addition to your business interests?
The curriculum is very flexible and even encourages business students to pursue diverse interests outside of the business school. I am currently pursuing a minor in applied mathematics. I’ve also been able to take many interesting elective courses that have allowed me to link my business knowledge to other subjects, giving me a broader perspective on the world.
What experiences outside of your business study, do you credit for some of your success?
The CBE provides numerous networking opportunities that have been vital to my success in landing an internship. I’ve attended many events hosted by the Big Four public accounting firms, which allowed me to meet and develop connections with a lot of people. I’ve learned that it is never too early to start networking, and having connections is crucial in the business world.
Have you found someone within the CBE to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions?
Professor Gupta, my advisor, has been integral in helping me make important decisions. He has a lot of valuable experience to share and he is always willing to take the time to talk through my decision making process. My experience with Career Services has also been helpful with building my resume and improving my interview skills.
Do you see yourself as part of a community that’s is instrumental to success now and beyond Lehigh?
The Lehigh community has been instrumental to my success both in and out of the classroom. I have formed strong relationships with my classmates and professors, and I know these relationships will continue on after Lehigh. Having such a great support system here at Lehigh has positively impacted my Lehigh experience.
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