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Pavlina Plasilova ’13

Brno, Czech Republic
Major: Finance or Accounting
Minor: French and Statistics

“My advice to future Lehigh students is to use their time here to try out new things by getting involved in different activities that Lehigh has to offer. Find out what you really enjoy and what you are interested in and start networking and building a foundation for your future career. Lehigh is the school where you can make this happen."

Why did you choose Lehigh?
My sister who had also studied at a university in the United States suggested Lehigh among other American universities to me. I was interested in studying business and Lehigh's excellent reputation of its business school along with its gorgeous campus convinced me it was the right choice.
What was your favorite Lehigh “moment”?
My favorite Lehigh moment was being offered a membership in the Delta Gamma sorority. That day I became a part of a unique support system and I gained an extended family.
What is the value of your Lehigh degree?
There are two main ways in which a business degree from Lehigh University will provide me with a competitive edge; the CBE has a strong reputation with major companies and it prepares its students for the real world in a unique way. This includes numerous projects that focus on hands-on experiences, networking opportunities, and most importantly, the encouragement to go abroad and gain international experience. All of these components prepare Lehigh business students for future challenges and it also makes them distinguishable when they join the work force.

What are your career aspirations?
I hope to become a leader in a company of my choice.

Developing Leaders for Global Impact

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