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Urvi Kumar '15

Hopewell, NJ
Major: Computer Science and Business
Minor: Supply Chain
Advice to future Lehigh students: "Be open and say yes. Lehigh has so many wonderful opportunities for you to broaden your horizons – don’t be scared or shy away. Pursue your interests, and it’ll be a great way to gain experience and make new friends. 95% of the time you will find a club for something you are interested in, and if you don’t, just start one! Other students will share your interests and join."
Why did you choose Lehigh?
Lehigh offers its students a great academic career, while also helping them establish a strong foundation for their future careers. In addition, there is a strong sense of community that students get at Lehigh University. There are various programs and organizations at this university that allow students of any background to get involved and get to know each other. Lehigh presented itself as a welcoming place, and has yet to disappoint.
What are your career aspirations?
Management Consultant
What was your favorite Lehigh moment?
Lehigh Lafayette Games – Storming the field
What was the highlight of your Lehigh experience?
Lehigh University does everything it can to support its students. I felt this when I went on a mission to start my own club, the Lehigh Consulting Club. Thanks to the help provided by Lehigh University, I have been able to meet with several companies, talk to some people who are slowly becoming my mentors, and begin to establish my career path.
What is the most helpful experience as you plan your career?
 Various Lehigh Alumni have come back to campus to talk about their experiences and offer advice to Lehigh students pursuing similar career paths. These returning students have offered great words of wisdom to while I plan my career. It is one thing to read about others experiences, but when someone who had the same major as you and is now working in the field you wish to enter, there is a great boost of confidence.
What is your favorite thing to do at Lehigh when you are not studying?
Eating crepes at Lower Court
Developing Leaders for Global Impact

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