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Javon Tai '15

Brooklyn, NY
Major: Accounting
Minor: Political Science
"As time passes, I continue to fall deeper in love with Lehigh. This school has challenged me to be better each day, and I have done well here. It has not always been easy to adjust to the obstacles that come my way, whether they are in the form of running a student organization or balancing my rigorous workload as an accounting major. However, I always walk away learning something new. Lehigh has many intelligent and driven people that encourage me to strive for success day in and day out. I believe that I am smarter and more attuned to the world around me because of my experience. For that, I am proud to say that I am from Lehigh."
What are your career aspirations?
I want to be a healthcare management consultant.
How well do you think the Lehigh business curriculum prepared you for success in getting a job or internship?
Lehigh’s business program is truly establishing itself as a hub from which corporations can recruit top talent. The curriculum has certainly contributed to my continuous success. I have taken a broad array of business and non-business classes that have made me more well-rounded. It is very beneficial to have an understanding of how businesses function, and the economics that surround it all. However, it is also pivotal that I know how to read, analyze, and write—skills that I learn more so in my non-business classes. I believe that the types of courses that the CBE incorporates into its curriculum reflect this understanding. Furthermore, in many of my courses, I have had to work with other people to complete projects. This has definitely increased my teaming ability, which I have found very useful throughout my internships in the past. My experience with the CBE curriculum has been great, and I know that it will continue to be invaluable moving forward.

Have you found the curriculum to be flexible in allowing you to pursue diverse interests in addition to your business interests?
Lehigh’s business curriculum is sensitive to the fact that college is a time for students to learn about the various topics that interest them. Throughout college, one of my goals has been to establish a targeted but well-rounded educational background. As an accounting major and political science minor, I think that Lehigh is doing a great job at supporting me. The CBE core curriculum requires students to take a substantial number of courses outside of the business school. Consequently, I have developed my critical thinking and communications skills, which I have been able to leverage in many interviews. As a result, I have had much success when applying for internships at various firms.

What experiences outside of your business study, do you credit for some of your success?
I attribute a lot of my success to internships that I have had over the past several years. The summer after graduating from high school, I secured my first internship, which was on Wall Street. That experience was very influential, and I actually decided to switch from the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences to the College of Business and Economics. This was before I even got to campus in the fall. I soon realized that accounting was the best choice at the time for me, and I landed an internship at a Big 4 firm right after my freshman year, which I continued with in the following summer. Gaining exposure to the “real world” at such an early stage in my life has allowed me to put my college experience into perspective. I know what is necessary to succeed, but I am cognizant of how the Lehigh name has also been instrumental in carrying me far. This summer, I will intern at a global accounting firm within its advisory service line.

Have you found someone within the CBE to be particularly helpful as you make important decisions?
I would like to say that I have, but I honestly have found that I consult my friends and family when it comes to making important decisions, after first taking the time to think it through myself. Career Services has helped in connecting me with potential employers, which I am extremely grateful for.

Do you see yourself as part of a community that’s is instrumental to success now and beyond Lehigh?
I definitely think that I am a component of a larger community that places importance on long-term success. Many of my friends have great career aspirations, which is reflective in their diligence when it comes to their academic and extracurricular lives. We help each other succeed in and outside of the classroom, and I credit my friends with making my college experience a positive one. I am confident that the relationships that I have made will continue to undergird my development well into the future.
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