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Guiding Principles

1. Structured/Unstructured Decision-Maker
The Lehigh MBA creates an environment that challenges its students to think in unaccustomed ways. Students are taught how to be clear and precise thinkers, and also how to evaluate the myriad of situations in the business milieu.

2. Leadership
The Lehigh MBA continually tests its student's business savvy and supports the process of transitioning from the mindset of the Employee to the Manager.

3. Ethical & Social Responsibility
In an ever-changing business, economic, social, and financial climate, the Lehigh MBA emphasizes the importance of being an ethical decision-maker, keeping a consciousness toward sustainability, and a commitment to free minds.

4. Extensive & Inclusive Thinking/Communication
The Lehigh MBA expects its students to think objectively, quantitatively, and strategically. It promotes unstructured problem solving, accentuating crisis management. Communication is also at the crux of business; the Lehigh MBA values 360° communication: the ability to speak to those above, below and equivalent with the same respect.

5. Comprehensive Understanding of Domestic & Global Business
The business world is no longer individualized in the traditional sense. The Lehigh MBA prepares its students to be leaders in the global economy from simulating operations in a multi-cultural environment to international practicum.

THe Bottom Line
Anne Anderson
Associate Professor of Finance and Joseph R. Perella and Amy M. Perella chair
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