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How long will it take to complete the Lehigh MBA program?
The full-time program can be completed in as little as 16 months. The part-time program can be completed in as little as two and one-half years, but most students take about three years to complete it.
How may credits are in the Lehigh MBA program?
The Lehigh MBA is comprised of 36 credits in both the full-time and part-time programs.
What are your admission requirements?
You may view our admission requirements on the Lehigh MBA admissions web page.
When will I attend classes?
Full-time and part-time students attend classes together. There is a mix of evening, daytime, and weekend classes, with classes primarily in the evening. Students may mix and match on campus, online, and ClassroomLIVE courses to achieve the degree.
What is your minimum GMAT score?
Performance on the GMAT is a good indicator of success in the program. While we do not have a minimum GMAT score, we look for strong quantitative ability as evidenced in the mathematical portion of the GMAT. Most of our students score in the 70th percentile or above on their total score, a good measure of the strength of your peers.
Can I waive the GMAT?
The GMAT is required of all entering applicants except those who hold an academic doctorate, juris doctorate or medical doctorate. The doctorate must be equivalent to a U.S. doctoral degree. International credentials may need to be evaluated by World Education Services.
Are there any prerequisites required for admission?
Prerequisites are not required in order to be admitted to the program. The program has four prerequisites: Principles of Economics and Statistics (ECO 401), Financial Accounting (GBUS 401) Principles of Economics (ECO 001), and proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite or equivalent. The prerequisites must be completed prior to specific core course work. Students can begin regular MBA course work and complete prerequisite course work simultaneously.
Can I take any prerequisites at other Universities?
Lehigh offers the prerequisite courses online, a convenience of which most students take advantage. Principles of Economics and Statistics may be taken at another university upon submission and approval of a course syllabus. Financial Accounting may be taken at another university, but you must successfully pass the MBA program’s accounting proficiency test in order to complete the prerequisite.
Is an interview required?
An interview is recommended. You may contact Jen Giordano, (610) 758-3418 to schedule an interview.
Is work experience required?
A minimum of two years of professional work experience is required. The average work experience of our student body is eight years. Professional work experience adds to a competitive application and to your classroom experience.
What factors does the Admissions Committee consider when evaluating my application?
Each applicant presents a unique skill set for consideration. Your application is carefully evaluated on your academic abilities, motivation, and maturity to complete graduate studies successfully. Evaluated areas also include past academic performance, leadership skills, accomplishments, and contribution to the learning environment.
How can I gauge my chances for admission to the LEHIGH MBA program?
The Lehigh MBA Admissions Office is happy to schedule an individual appointment with you to discuss your credentials and your goals, and to discuss with you the opportunities available to you as a Lehigh MBA student. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Lehigh MBA Admissions at [610] 758-3418 or by email at
Does Lehigh accept transfer credits to the Lehigh MBA program?
We accept a maximum of six credits hours from an AACSB accredited institution. The courses to be transferred may not be from an earned degree and must be graduate level course work completed within four years of the first enrollment into a Lehigh graduate program with a grade of at least “B.” An official transcript, course description, course syllabus, and student petition must be submitted for evaluation. Courses may not have been used toward a prior graduate degree. Approved transfer courses will count toward elective course work only. Due to the integrated nature of the Lehigh MBA core curriculum, core courses may not be waived.
Can I begin classes as a non-degree student, and then apply to the LEHIGH MBA program?
Lehigh offers non-degree graduate business certificate programs in supply chain management, project management, and entrepreneurship. You may complete a certificate program and then opt to make a full application to the Lehigh MBA program. MBA application materials required at this time include essay, letters of recommendation, and GMAT test scores. Upon an offer of admission to the Lehigh MBA program, your certificate course becomes your elective course work within the Lehigh MBA degree framework.
How do I arrange for a campus visit?
The Lehigh MBA Admissions staff is happy to arrange a campus visit for you. While at Lehigh, you may opt to meet with an admissions counselor, tour the college or university, meet current students, visit a class, or schedule a formal interview. Please contact the Lehigh MBA admissions at, or by phone at [610] 758-3418.
When are your information sessions?
Our information session schedule can be accessed from our recruitment events page.
Can I visit a class?
The Lehigh MBA Admissions staff would be happy to arrange a class visit for you. Please contact us at least one week prior to your desired visit date so that we may make arrangements for you. the Lehigh MBA Admissions may be reached at, or by phone at [610] 758-3418.
Can I change from part-time to full-time MBA study?
You may change from part-time to full-time MBA study at any point during your program with notification to the Graduate Programs Office.


What are the tuition costs?
Tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year is $1,050.00 per credit hour for domestic and international students. Tuition is subject to change at the discretion of Lehigh University’s Board of Trustees.
Note: For each online course, there is a $100.00 course access fee.
What types of financial aid are available?
The College of Business & Economics administers its own financial aid to full-time MBA students in the form of teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, and business analysts in the Small Business Development Center. College-awarded financial aid is determined based upon merit. Undergraduate GPA, test scores, and in some cases, work experience, are considered when awarding this type of financial aid. There is no minimum test score for consideration, but most students receiving aid score in the excess of 600 on the GMAT. Information on federal financial aid may be obtained through Lehigh University’s Office of Financial Aid.
I am reimbursed by my employer for tuition. Does Lehigh offer tuition deferment?
Tuition deferment is available for students whose employers reimburse their tuition. Students must fill out the deferment form for each semester in which they participate. A $50 fee per term applies.


Where can I access an application?
Our online application may be accessed from the apply page.
What are your application deadlines?
You may view our application deadlines on the Lehigh MBA’s admissions webpage.
Where should I mail my transcripts?
Lehigh University the Lehigh MBA 621 Taylor Street Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA
Must I submit my application documents in one package?
The only document that needs to be mailed is your transcript. All other documents can be submitted online. Transcripts are held on file until an application is complete, at which time it is submitted for evaluation to the Admissions Committee.
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