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MBA Plus Program

Life-long learning is crucial in today's ever-changing business environment. Lehigh University makes it easy for Lehigh MBA graduates to remain competitive. MBA Plus gives Lehigh MBA alumni the opportunity to enroll in current courses at one-third the regular price of tuition. The program provides the Lehigh MBAs with ongoing, cost-effective access to courses that enhance their professional development and advance their careers. The Lehigh MBA Plus program is a dynamic, value-added opportunity which allows graduates to keep current in their field and acquire new skills. In addition, alumni add value to students pursuing degrees by bringing their business experience and expertise to the program and classroom.

Lehigh MBA degree-holders may enroll in any on-campus or distance graduate course in the College of Business & Economics on a space-available basis (with approval). Participants must meet all course requirements, including team projects. Performance is evaluated in exactly the same manner as that of regular students and official grades are given at the end of the semester. MBA Plus courses may not be used toward any additional credentials. 

To register, contact Mary Gulick at 610-758-5280 or email

MBA Plus
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Anne Anderson
Associate Professor of Finance and Joseph R. Perella and Amy M. Perella chair
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