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What is the Lehigh MBA Core?

The Lehigh MBA is the culmination of the experiences of our faculty and their commitment to maintain excellence and relevance in graduate business education. The Lehigh MBA places great emphasis on continuously integrated relevant concepts and challenges that are daily introduced to the business community at large. Currently, the Core incorporates global business concepts and analysis, multi-cultural awareness, organizational leadership, sustainability, crisis management resolutions, social consciousness issues, ethical decision-making, and optional business consulting projects. The Core also focuses on the business value chain, and the way in which different functional areas come together to create a competitive advantage: students experience decision-making from the perspective of the company as a whole.

The Lehigh MBA is a 36-credit program which can be pursued both full-time, part-time, or distance. The Core is comprised of 21 credits; the remaining 15 credits are made up of electives, from which a student may choose to specialize in or not.

The Lehigh MBA core experience begins with a mandatory two-day [2] orientation and ends with a capstone simulation course that draws upon the student's knowledge acquired during the core curriculum experience:

  • MBA 401: Introduction to the Organization & Environment
  • MBA 402: Managing Financial & Physical Resources
  • MBA 403: Managing Information
  • MBA 404: Managing Products & Services
  • MBA 405: Managing People
  • MBA 406: Integrative Experience

Once you accept to enter the program, your journey begins with a two-day orientation designed for an introduction to the Lehigh MBA program, its faculty, staff, and your fellow students. The orientation occurs within a week of the start of classes. Below are two sample schedules for progressing through the Lehigh MBA: first, as a part-time Professional MBA student, and second, as a full-time MBA student. Electives may be taken from courses of general business interest toward a specific concentration.

Part-Time Professional:

Fall I Financial Reporting for Managers & Investors *
Introduction to the Organization & Its Environment
Spring I Managing Financial & Physical Resources
Summer I Basic Statistics for Business & Industry*
Principles of Economics*
Fall II Managing Products & Services
Spring II Managing People
Summer II Elective
Fall III Managing Information
Integrative Experience
Spring III Elective
* Denotes Prerequisites which can be waived.


Fall I Financial Reporting for Business & Industry*
Introduction to the Organization & Its Environment
Managing Products & Services
Spring I Basic Statistics for Business & Industry*
Managing Financial & Physical Resources
Managing People
Summer I Principles of Economics*
Fall II Managing Information
Integrative Experience
Spring II Elective
* Denotes Prerequisites which can be waived.
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