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Guiding Principles

The Lehigh graduate programs provide a broad business education and specialized coursework for professional careers in accounting, economics, finance, and health and biopharmaceutical economics. The Lehigh graduate programs uniformly draw from the following guiding principles:

Structured/Unstructured Decision Making
The Lehigh graduate programs create an environment that challenges their students to think in unaccustomed ways. Students are taught how to be clear and precise thinkers, and also how to evaluate the myriad of situations in the professional milieu.

High Quality Education
The Lehigh graduate programs provide current, up-to-date, technology-integrated information in their specific fields. Many instructors have field experience and provide a wealth of applicable knowledge to the programs.

Ethical & Social Responsibility
In an ever-changing business, economic, social, and financial climate, the Lehigh graduate programs emphasize the importance of being an ethical decision-maker.

Extensive & Inclusive Thinking
The Lehigh graduate programs expect their students to think objectively, quantitatively, and strategically and to articulate their ideas orally and in writing.

The Bottom Line
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