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Why the Lehigh MSAIA?

Primarily intended for those seeking careers in professional accounting and financial services, the MSAIA program seeks to provide the knowledge and skill sets needed by effective professionals over their careers. Students attracted to Lehigh’s MSAIA program exhibit a diverse set of backgrounds. All value the program’s reputation, coursework, networking, and outstanding employment opportunities available to our graduates.

The MSAIA program offers an outstanding opportunity to prepare for a career in today's demanding accounting field. Accounting professionals are engaged in a variety of services, including assurance (auditing), business valuation, information resources and consulting. The program focuses on using information and technology to improve business processes and forge business solutions.

“We routinely perform analysis of our human capital to determine where we are sourcing our best professional talent—key to this analysis is our quality study. Lehigh University has been designated a Priority School of PricewaterhouseCoopers for many years, owing to its consistent high performance in the quality study…Lehigh is a strategic source for entry level recruits and in the next generation leaders in the firm.”
Griff Welton

Not all MSAIA students majored in accounting as undergraduates: the program has included students with backgrounds in finance, marketing, business economics and information systems, as well as English and other liberal arts concentrations. The program therefore attracts a wide range of students to the field of professional accounting.

As a small, high-quality, full-time program offering most core courses during the day and the opportunity to interact with LEHIGH MBA students during evening courses, admission to the MSAIA program has been highly selective.

MSAIA Learning Objectives

  1. Gain an understanding of business challenges and processes in a global environment with a clear awareness of corporate responsibilities and ethics.
  2. Understand the role of accounting in providing information for capital market decisions and tools for business solutions.
  3. Gain an understanding of business risk and controls from several perspectives including advisory, assurance, managerial, and information processing.
  4. Master the process of managing professional engagements relating to advisory, auditor risk assessment, and attestation responsibilities.
An Accomplished Faculty

Lehigh accounting faculty are recognized experts and researchers in several fields who bring their knowledge into the classroom. Faculty members publish in top academic and professional journals, are frequently quoted in the financial press, and write textbooks. One faculty member chairs a corporate audit committee, another served as an SEC Academic Fellow and developed an award-winning MSAIA course, and a third was the editor of a journal that received an international award for readability of research in accounting and finance during his term.

The Bottom Line
Angela Donizetti '09
Assurance Associate
Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
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