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Those applying for Summer or Fall 2014, please click here to apply
Application to the Lehigh MS/PHD programs can be made by applying online. Applications are accepted from graduates of accredited colleges and universities in all areas of concentration, including, but not limited to business, humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.

The Lehigh MS/PhD programs are seeking students who possess “the full package.” Successful applicants demonstrate strong academic performance, clear intellectual ability, drive and ambition, documented accomplishments, and management potential based on letters of recommendation. Admission decisions are based on three main areas: academic ability, motivation, and the maturity to complete the particular program successfully.

Program Specific Background Requirements

M.S. in Accounting and Information Analysis (MSAIA)
M.S. in Analytical Finance (MSAF)
M.S. in Economics (MS ECO)
Ph.D. Economics (Ph.D.)

M.S. in Accounting and Information Analysis (MSAIA)
Students with an undergraduate degree in accounting generally can complete the program in one year. Students who did not major in accounting, but have an undergraduate business degree, are required to take four additional upper-level accounting courses prior to beginning the graduate MSAIA course work. The courses are:

  • Financial Accounting I and II (two semesters of intermediate financial accounting)
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Fundamentals of Auditing

In addition to these four upper-division accounting courses, students without a business background are required to complete additional courses prior to any 400 level coursework with the guidance of the Program Director.

M.S. in Analytical Finance (MSAF)
Applicants must have earned an undergraduate degree from a mathematically rigorous program such as computer science, economics, engineering, finance, operations research, mathematics, or the sciences (physics/chemistry). Four years of university level study are necessary for entry into Lehigh University MSAF program.

Applicants must have the proper background courses necessary to pursue the MSAF program. An applicant is expected to have completed:

Corporate Finance
Investment & Portfolio Management
Financial Accounting
Money, Banking & Financial Markets
Statistics (including regression analysis)
Calculus (3 terms)
Linear Algebra

Applicants who have not completed the proper background courses may receive a conditional offer of admission and will be required to satisfactorily complete foundation course work prior to beginning the regular MSAF course work. Foundation work will not count toward the 30 credit hours required for the degree.

M.S. in Economics (MS ECO)
In order to undertake Master’s level work in Economics, a student need not have majored in economics as an undergraduate. However, the student is expected to have the following undergraduate background prerequisites: two semesters of calculus, principles of economics, intermediate macroeconomics, intermediate microeconomics, and basic statistics. In addition, a course in money and banking is recommended.

Ph.D. Economics (Ph.D)
Graduates from all areas of concentration, including the humanities, the social sciences, the physical sciences and engineering, have completed the degree.  Applicants should have taken a considerable amount of mathematics, including at least advanced calculus.

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