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Undergraduate Marketing Curriculum

All College of Business and Economics students must complete the Core Curriculum, as well as the requirements for their major area of study.


Required for all Business Majors

MKT 111: Principles of Marketing

Required for all Marketing Majors

MKT 311: Consumer Behavior
MKT 312: Marketing Research
MKT 387: Marketing Strategy

Marketing Electives

Three courses or nine credits are required for marketing majors. At least two courses must be from the following marketing electives. The third course can be a marketing elective or any other course approved by the advisor.

MKT 313: Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 319: Development & Marketing of New Products
MKT 320: Global Marketing Strategies
MKT 321: Business-to-Business Marketing
MKT 325: Quantitative Marketing Analysis
MKT 331: Electronic Commerce
MKT 332: Sales Management
MKT 348: Management of Marketing Channels
MKT 360: Marketing Practicum
MKT 366: Marketing of Services
MKT 371: Directed Readings
MKT 372: Special Topics

For full descriptions of these courses, link to catalog.

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