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Research Positioning Statement

"Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs.”
 - Peter F. Drucker

The primary research focus of the Marketing faculty at Lehigh University is in the domain of “Marketing Innovation” and closely related areas.  Marketing Innovation is defined broadly to include all activities involved with strategic planning, concept generation, concept testing, development, and launch of new products and services from consumers’ and marketing managers’ perspectives.  Articulating such a research focus is consistent with the new vision for the College of Business and Economics and is relevant for several new initiatives in the College such as integrated product development, biotechnology, pharmaceutical research, and financial services. Building core competency in “Marketing Innovation” provides us with the platform to build an exciting and cutting-edge brand identity among our academic peer institutions (the top 50 business schools). In addition, we intend to develop interdisciplinary research linkages with other departments and research centers within the College (e.g., financial services, pharmaceutical research), and across the University (e.g., engineering and psychology).

 Consistent with this positioning, new faculty recruitment will emphasize hiring individuals with the appropriate research training, motivation, and ability to publish in leading academic and managerial journals in the field of marketing. Prospective candidates with strong behavioral, analytical, statistical, or other rigorous research training and with interests in substantive issues such as integrated product/service design and development, consumer judgment and choice, market-based assets, innovation generation and diffusion, R&D-marketing interface, innovations in pharmaceutical marketing, role of technology in the marketing of services, Internet marketing, innovations in financial services, and related topics in marketing innovation will be actively recruited.  

The Marketing faculty members have made the commitment to establish an identity as a leading research oriented faculty in the domain of Marketing Innovation that is consistent with Lehigh University’s overall mission and aspirations.  This will further strengthen our instructional goals and will function as a strategic approach toward generation of new resources. This is an exciting yet challenging moment for the Marketing faculty at Lehigh.

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