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On the Road Again

Spring is in the air at Lehigh's College of Business and Economics, where MBA students are finalizing a few flight plans.

Within the next few months, MBA students have the opportunity to explore Greece, the epicenter of the European financial crisis, and learn how corporate social responsibility takes on different meanings in the UK and the U.S.

They'll also travel to China, which is rapidly losing its labor cost advantage and is seeing some industries beginning to move offshore. How will China deal with this shift in its own economy?

And while Chile and Argentina are neighboring South American countries sharing a common language, MBA students will find out why they are also a study in contrasts, both culturally and economically, and how political forces are leading these economies down different paths.

These three trips are the latest to be added to the Lehigh MBA program's portfolio of global experiences. Lehigh has partnered with the University of Nottingham for a few years now, and has offered programming options with ESCEM School of Business and Management, our partner institution in Tours, France, since 2002.

Our students are sharing their insight while abroad on a blog specially designed to document their international experiences.

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