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Q & A

Donna Goldfeder, director of Career Services, shares her thoughts on the importance of summer internships as business school graduates look for full employment. She provides examples of how you can assist our students.

Q:  Do you consider a summer internship to be a critical factor as business school graduates compete for jobs?

A:  It is always important for students to gain exposure and experience in their fields of choice through internships. In these economically tougher times, internships are even more crucial than ever before.

Q:  What indications as to the importance of internships do you see as our upcoming graduates seek full-time employment?

A:  Although it is not always the case, some employers are currently hiring only from their pools of interns for full-time entry level positions.  Other employers who do hire seniors will not even look at a candidate who does not have an internship experience. 

Q:   Who were the top CBE Internship Employers for the summer of 2010?

A:    In alphabetical order, they included:     

Deloitte & Touche
Deutsche Bank
Ernst & Young
Freddie Mac
Grant Thornton
Morgan Stanley
PNC Financial
Thomson Reuters
Q:  Over the past few years, due to the economic downturn, have you seen a difference in the number of internships being posted?

A:  Yes, I have seen a decline in the number of internships available to our students over the past few years.  However, this year the number of postings has risen, although not yet quite back to where it was three years ago.

Q: Lehigh has always been very proud of its strong and committed alumni network? Is there a way that this network could be “tapped” for assistance with this effort to  provide summer internships?   

A: Lehigh always appreciates help from our loyal alumni.  The Lehigh students could benefit from more diversity in internship postings:

  • More Diversity in Size of Employers:  As you can see above, large corporations hire Lehigh interns.  However, students would benefit from experiences at small and medium sized employers as well.
  • More Diversity in Fields and Industries:  Students would love to see internships posted in fields that are not as represented by employers at Lehigh, such as – Advertising, Real Estate, Law, Fashion, Entertainment, Public Relations, etc.
  • More Diversity in Geographic Location:  While many Lehigh students do target New York City for their internship experiences, many still want to stay home during their summers.  Therefore, internship offerings in a variety of geographic locations would be appreciated.

Q:  As an alum, how can I help?

A: As an alum if you feel you could offer some experience to a Lehigh student, here are some options:

  • Post an internship at Lehigh.
  • Post an externship at Lehigh.  An externship is a much shorter experience than an internship.  An alum can host a student just for a day or two by giving them a shadowing opportunity.
  • Join LUnet.  LUnet is an online database that currently includes 26,000+ alumni who have expressed interest in networking with students and fellow alumni.

Q: Who should I contact if I would like to further discuss assisting with providing externships/internships for CBE students?

A:  I would look forward to having a conversation with you regarding your assistance. I can be reached at: and/or 610-758-4665.

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