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Recruiters from top firms don't need a Google map to find Lehigh. Last year, more than 260 top companies—representing a wide range of industries—visited campus to recruit Lehigh students.

Lehigh's Office of Career Services offers individual counseling and assessment to make it easy for you to identify your top interests, abilities, skills and work values. We will assist you through the process of researching targeted organizations that provide the type of work opportunities that interest you and then recommend available options that best meet your needs.

We have a strong record. Check out the career placement statistics from the Class of 2013 for more details.

If you decide that you would like to continue your education beyond a bachelor's degree, whether you are thinking about a career in law, a health profession or a master's or doctoral degree, Career Services can assist you with the process of finding and applying to graduate schools.

In our career library, you'll find information on career fields, graduate and professional schools, employer directories, market trends, salary information and employer files. Students and employers alike use our LUCIE (Lehigh University Career Information Exchange) program, a Web-based job search, resume sharing and interview scheduling system. For firsthand feedback on careers, Lehigh alumni serve as career advisors through LUCAN (Lehigh University Career Advising Network).

Full-time, part-time and summer jobs as well as internships and co-ops are posted on the Office of Career Services website.

In addition, we'll coordinate networking opportunities for you with other students, alumni and employers.


There's no doubt that college can be expensive, and it's only natural to wonder whether a four-year degree is really worth the money. The truth is that some schools with private price tags can indeed pay the greatest returns.

“There are lots of benefits to attending a top school like Lehigh, beyond an excellent academic experience. Those additional benefits include a supportive alumni network and a robust career services office,” said J. Leon Washington, vice provost of admissions and financial aid at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

“These benefits pay off, resulting in higher job placement numbers, successful admissions into the top graduate and professional schools, and higher starting salaries for graduates. In fact, Lehigh was in the top 15 on a list of best values in higher education, according to a study conducted by PayScale for Bloomberg BusinessWeek,” he added. To make sure that you're getting the best return on investment for your tuition dollars, it may pay to keep these tips in mind when conducting your college search:

Brush up on your statistics. Check how many students graduate in four years and ask for the school's job placement numbers so you can see their outcomes. How many students get jobs within six months of graduation? What are their average starting salaries?

Evaluate the school's career services. Choose a school that offers support such as career counseling, practice interviews and résumé critiquing. Keep an eye on how many job fairs and networking events the college offers on campus. Take a look at the school's job board and make sure it lists jobs in the industry and region in which you plan to work.

Explore internship opportunities. Seek schools that promote internships as a way to learn outside the classroom. Internships provide valuable professional experience and often lead to job offers.

Look for a strong alumni network. Successful alumni who are connected to the school can help students and recent graduates. The alumni are often eager to share their advice and experiences, and they may even be more willing to facilitate internships or hire graduates of their own alma mater.

Check out graduate school choices. For some students, education doesn't end with a bachelor's degree. If you're planning to pursue a graduate degree, look at the school's graduate school placement statistics. Make sure students are going to the type of grad schools that you'd like to attend.

With a little legwork and these tips, you can find a college that offers a degree with great value. College might seem like a big investment, but it's an investment that can pay returns for decades to come.

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