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Class Profile

Lehigh's Class of 2018 will bring some outstanding traits to our campus. They are one of the most selective classes to ever be admitted to the University as well as one of the most diverse classes we have welcomed to campus.

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Undergraduate Enrollment *

Total Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,034
Retention rate: 96%
Applicants: 11,512
Acceptances: 3,945 (34%)
Matriculants: 1,299 (33%)
Early Decision: 592 (46%)
Lehigh Legacies: 222 (17%)
Financial Aid (Lehigh Grant): 602 (46%)

*Degree-seeking students as of fall 2014.


Undergraduate Enrollment by College

P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science:
20 majors

College of Arts & Sciences:
more than 50 majors
College of Business & Economics
9 majors
Computer Science & Business 3%
Arts & Engineering 1%

SAT & ACT Information

SAT & ACT ranges of the middle 50% of admitted students:

SAT critical reading: 610-690
SAT math: 650-750
ACT (not including writing score) 29-33


SAT Score ACT Conversion Applicants Admits
1500-1600 34-36 927
1400-1490 32-33 2,307 1,058
1300-1390 29-31 3,638 1,543
1200-1290 27-28 2,432 619
1100-1190 24-26 1,206 228
Below 1100 Below 24 660
Missing   342

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