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Applicant and Admitted Students Questions

You've gone through the applications process, but still have some questions that have gone unanswered. We attempt to answer a few here:

I'm a new applicant. It has been a month and I haven't received my acknowledgment email. What should I do?
First, check your spam folder for this email. If you still do not have this acknowledgment email and you applied after August 15, please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@lehigh.edu or (610) 758-3100; if you applied prior to August 15, you should receive an email by the beginning of September.
I do not remember my user ID and password. How can I log into the applicant portal?
Your user ID is the email address you provided on your Common Application. If you cannot remember your password, your account must be reset. Please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@lehigh.edu with this request; while a new invitation code will be emailed, it takes 24 hours for the change to take effect.
I'm having technical trouble accessing the portal.
We recommend that you use either Microsoft Explorer version 6.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator version 7.1 or above. If that doesn't work, contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@lehigh.edu or (610) 758-3100.
I've been admitted but I lost my offer letter. Can you give me my LIN and PIN over the phone or send me an email?
Due to federal regulations, we cannot give you that information via phone or email. Please contact admissions@lehigh.edu to request a new letter with your LIN and PIN included.
I've lost my PIN. How do I reset it?
If you are a returning user, click on the returning user button, enter your LIN, click on “Forgot PIN,” and answer the three security questions. This will allow you to reset your PIN. If you are a new user, we will need to send you a new letter.
I've forgotten my security questions too! Now what?
Please contact the Office of Admissions at (610) 758-3100 and request a new letter.
It says my PIN has expired. What do I do?
Everyone's PIN is set to expire upon first login. Please follow the instructions on the screen and reset your PIN.  You will need your new PIN to log onto the portal.
This is my first time logging in and my PIN doesn't work.
PINs are case sensitive, so please make sure you are using the appropriate case. Also, the number one and the letter I or the number zero and the letter O are sometimes confused. The number one has a flag at the top of the number. The letter I is straight up and down. The number zero has a slash through it; the letter O does not.
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