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Daily News Digest Online

The Lehigh Community Bulletin Board (formerly the Daily News Digest) is a way for members of the Lehigh community to keep other community members informed of Lehigh events and activities.

Events held in campus facilities but not organized, sponsored or underwritten by the university are excluded.  The university reserves the right to approve, reject, edit or remove all submitted messages for length, style and appropriateness.

Details on how to post announcements are listed below.

From the Lehigh University Home Page

•  Select LUNA (network server) link
•  Select "manual login as valid user"
•  Enter your e-mail ID and password
•  In box next to "Find Topic," type "news"
•  A listing of four audiences;  NEWS, NEWS-G, NEWS-S, NEWS-U will appear.  Choose your audience from this list (only select one audience)

  • NEWS = Send to all faculty, staff and students who subscribe.
  • NEWS-G = Send to graduate students who subscribe.
  • NEWS-S = Send to faculty and staff who subscribe.
  • NEWS-U = Send to undergraduate students who subscribe.

•  Scroll down to bottom of "top half" section 
•  Select "Post Bulletin," and type headline for the announcement in the box
•  Type or paste the announcement in the message box

Check spelling, times and dates for accuracy

Guidelines for posting announcements.

•  Do not post announcements that contain profanity or the words alcohol, party, gambling or that are sexual in nature.  They will be removed from the community bulletin board.

•  Limit posting the same message to twice and one week before the event.
•  If you need to reach more than one audience, you will need to exit the system and start the process again.

•  Copy and paste announcement from Microsoft Word.  Do not copy/paste directly from e-mail. Copy length must stay within the box so that it does not run off the page.  Shorten lines by hitting the enter key where appropriate and to keep copy within the message box. Keep your message brief and as short as possible. File attachments and graphics cannot be accommodated in announcements.

•  Do not post available job positions.  Contact Human Resources for directions on how to post to the job board.

•  All announcements need to be posted in the system by 3:00 p.m.

•  If a URL is listed in the announcement you must provide the complete address such as http://www.address. This will allow the link to be "live" and "click-able".

•  Announcements will not be processed on weekends or university holidays.

•  If your announcement needs to be changed or deleted, please call 8-4487.

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