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Packard, cancer cells, Golden Gate Bridge
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Lehigh Making an Impact

Lehigh prepares the next generation of students and scholars in an academic environment that thrives on creativity, innovation and interaction. Our students see the world as a dynamic place, where their ideas, imagination and new thinking create positive change.

For nearly 147 years, Lehigh has provided thoughtful solutions to challenges across the globe. Our university has long played a groundbreaking role in interdisciplinary research and education. Students work inside and outside their fields of study in order to understand that solutions come with cooperation and partnerships that extend far beyond the classroom.

Today, research and scholarship at Lehigh continues to advance knowledge and shape our world in the 21st century. Students work side-by-side with internationally recognized faculty who translate the fundamentals and bring theory to practice – all for the benefit of our society.

Lehigh educates and equips students to make positive, impactful change in the world in which they live – from their community at home to the world at large.

The Lehigh Difference

For nearly 147 years, Lehigh has been offering an environment that sparks students’ creativity and teaches them to challenge the status quo.

We provide students with a world-class academic experience, a picturesque living environment, and the resources of a top-notch research university, and in turn, they provide the excitement that makes Lehigh a vibrant place to live and learn.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations, but they share some very common traits. Lehigh students are some of the best and brightest scholars; they are passionate about their community; they are inquisitive about the world in which they live; they care about creating a healthy and sustainable environment; and they are ready to tackle our present and future challenges head-on.

Students enter Lehigh as eager new scholars and leave not only as alumni, but as citizens of the world.

Pictured here:
Left: Alumnus James Packard, class of 1884, is best known for his formation of the Packard Motor Car Company.
Middle: Three human HeLa cancer cells as seen through a fluorescence light microscope.
Right: Howard McClintic and Charles Marshall, Class of 1888, went on to build the Golden Gate Bridge.


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